Credit Comeback® is owned by Driven Capital, LLC, a consumer lender licensed in all 50 states and U.S. possessions. The company’s founders are U.S. business leaders and investors. Driven Capital’s goal is to be a solution for working people to a national bottleneck to the flow of capital to small businesses and consumers for needed vehicle purchases.

Driven Capital has launched its Trusted Dealer / Trusted Lender program with selected U.S. auto dealers. We are focused on targeted lending to business owners and consumers motivated to launch their “CreditComeback®.” Please tell us how we can work with your F&I team to serve your used-car buyers.

Driven Capital launched its CreditComeback® business as an indirect lender through U.S. auto dealers to consumers who are difficult for dealers to finance through traditional banking channels. Many borrowers are expected to come from the category commonly referred to as “less than prime.”

Driven Capital is a group of U.S. accredited investor/lenders seeking to provide access to capital to grow your dealership’s business.

Frustrated that you haven’t been able to get bank approval for a needed vehicle upgrade? Lean about the advantages – and the simplicity – of Driven Capital’s auto lending:

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